Frode Mikal Lillesund (born 1974) has a unique profile as a contemporary sculptor. His understanding of classical sculpture and art is distinguished by his deep insight into composition and abstraction of form. With this insight, he charges his sculptures with tension, dynamics and rhythm.

He works mainly with bronze sculptures. These are often human figures, but for more freedom in the underlying abstract language, he often works without model. A distinctiveness with Lillesund`s sculpture style is his ability to create exciting compositions with both monumentality and great detail. The figures he creates are often close up to the realistic. But for the artist the most important part of making a good sculpture, is the underlying «language» of sculpting. As he has learned from the antique, renaissance and baroque masters, it is important to create an internal as well as an external dynamic structure as a foundation for the visual expression of the sculpture.

His primary inspiration is the «movement in nature». This means how nature is constructed and the way it grows. The artists goal as a sculptor, is to create sculptures as nature itself would have made ​​them. Lillesund also feels that a good piece of art tells us something about the presence and about awareness. Nature is the source of all life. In nature we can recognize our vitality and our sense of belonging. Human consciousness can be described as a spiritual encounter with nature.

Lillesund has won several awards for his classical figurative sculptures, and he has done large sculptural commissions such as. "Peer Gynt the emperor" and sculpture monument «the viking king Harald Fairhaired».



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